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Anonymous asked: do you have instax?

yup :)

Anonymous asked: Where do you usually buy your films?


Anonymous asked: hey, Thanks a lot for answering all the questions about film photos. Very helpful! :) Thanks!!

no problem!! :-) enjoy!

Anonymous asked: Where do u scan ur films? Do u have one or u go to a shop or studio? How much does it cost?

i haven’t scanned in a loooooong time o_O hahaha but i have them scanned in fujifilm sto. domingo! Php120/roll

Anonymous asked: what do you use to edit your pictures? they look amazing btw!

photoshop! thank you! :) the film ones aren’t edited though haha

Anonymous asked: What shutter speed do you mostly use in shooting nikon fm10?

uhm usually 30? 

Anonymous asked: Edi you have lots of cd na from film photos or you just provide the cd for yourself?

yup, I have lots of CDs :) I don’t provide for myself

Anonymous asked: How much will a roll of film cost if you print it?

i’m not sure, i don’t print mine! i just have them scanned 


Anonymous asked: Where did you buy your film camera and how much was it

bought it in japan, around 5k? 

Anonymous asked: How do you take photos from food stores? do you always ask permission?

i don’t ask, i just take pictures and if they say I can’t then I keep it hehe :)